Curing the well before they get sick – Preventive Healthcare

The last few decades have been a testament to immense progress in the human civilisation. But, these advancements have come at a cost.
The world is moving towards a high stress, affluence and sedentary lifestyle which forms the backbone of disorders related to diabetes, heart and obesity- more commonly referred to as Lifestyle Diseases. This coupled with the dearth of physical activity (due to technical and mechanical advancements), have created a conducive environment for these diseases to spread.
There is no one doubting the positive role technology has played in improving and simplifying our lives. Machines have helped us increase productivity, enabling us to spend more time doing what I believe we were always meant to do, “Innovate“.More than 20 million people die preventable deaths every year, and most of these are due to the diseases such as hypertension, obesity, smoking, etc. Tobacco consumption alone is estimated to have taken more than 100 million lives in the last century, and the estimates for the 21st century are at a staggering billion lives, of which 20 percent are estimated to be from India. These stats definitely call for a strong collective action…Preventive Healthcare??
prevention better than cure

Most ailments do not occur overnight, and can be detected at an earlier stage through regular check up’s. The idea is to avoid severe health complications which could take a toll on both your biological as well as financial health.
While there are no substitutes to maintaining a balanced diet and an exercise regime, screening for abnormalities though regular health check-ups is an important aspect of preventive healthcare.
We hear Preventive Healthcare, and almost always associate it as something meant only for the upper echelons of the society. This could not be further away from truth – both in terms of cost and need.
Today, we have leading hospitals offering packages starting from Rs.1,000 for a basic full body screening, including consultations with a physician. You may need to resist the temptation of watching a Farah – Sajid Khan movie, and with the time and money saved, just once a year “invest” that in your health. You need it, and your body deserves it.
Reports indicate that more than 40% of low and middle income households have to borrow money/sell assets to pay for hospitalisation, one should never have to spend such wealth to secure their health!More than 80% of the cases for cancer are diagnosed at later stages, where the cost of treatment is very high and the chances of survival are minimal. Regular health check up’s can help detect these life threatening diseases early, leading to not just higher chances of survival but end up costing less than 1/3rd the cost otherwise. Even the Government realises the power of Preventive Healthcare, and to incentivise the same, offers tax exemption (under Section 80D) of up-to Rs.5,000/yr spent of preventive healthcare.While natural disasters and calamities are unavoidable, your health is in your hands; Gift yourself and your loved ones a preventive health check-up and diagnose life threatening diseases early– lead a long, healthy and confident life.
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